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Planning the Perfect Wine Tasting Party

If you want to host an idyllic wine tasting part, there are a number of strategies and tips that you want to bear in mind. In addition, there is one element of a formal wine tasting that you want to abandon. One element of a professional or trade wine tasting you want to not utilize is the sipping and spitting process. You don’t want to have your guests swilling a sip of wine and then spit it out. You want your guests to enjoy different types of wine, which cannot really be accomplished when your guests are spending their time spitting out samples of wine. There is a trio of different elements of a wine tasting party that you want to bear in mind as you prepare for your event.

Select Wines Based on a Particular Theme

A prime consideration in preparing for a wine tasting party is what wines to select, and how to chose them. If you select wines based on a specific theme, you’ll have an easier task during the selection process. You can select wines based on regional considerations, where the grapes are grown and the winery is located For example, you could select the top wines of Napa Valley or Piedmont. Variety is another thematic structure you can utilize for selecting wine for your wine tasting party. You might elect to select a particular type of wine grape and serve wines in different price ranges. You might want to consider comparing and contrasting Old World versus New World selections. You might focus your wine tasting on Right Bank Bordeaux with Napa Valley Merlot.

A big and bold wind tasting party is another course you might want to consider taking. You can select and compare and contrast the boldest wines from the world over. If you have a favorite winery, consider focuses your wine tasting on different vintages. Select a particular wine and pick bottles from different years. This will allow your guests the ability to see subtle — and sometimes not so subtle — differences between vintages of the same wine.

You can host a blind tasting party. In such an event, you can easily wrap individual bottles in aluminum foil if you don’t have wine bags available. You serve the guests at your wine tasting parties sample selections from each concealed bottle.

Order of Wine Service

There are no hard and fast rules for wine service order. You can serve wine at your gathering in whatever order you desire. With that said, certain wines have a more significant and lasting impact on your palate. Some wines have a more nuanced impact on your palate. Thus, if you want your guests to get the greatest experience from each selection, there is suggested service order for wine that you might want to consider following at your tasting event:

  • sparkling wines – Champagne, Cava
  • light white wines – Sauvignon Blanc, Albariño
  • bold white wines – Chardonnay, oaked white wines
  • rose wines
  • light red wines – Pinot Noir, Gamay
  • bold red wines – Cabernet, Shiraz
  • sweet wines – Sweet Riesling, Port, Dessert Wine

How Much Wine Should be Served to Each Guest?

At the end of the wine tasting party, you want your guests to be served and enjoy about a half a bottle. For instance, each guest at your party should have about a half glass for each type of wine presented.

Food for a Wine Tasting Party

You need not go overboard when it comes to the food, or snacks, served at your wine tasting party. You definitely want to avoid anything that will interfere with a guest’s palate. These are some basic suggestions when it comes to food to consider presenting at a wine tasting party:

  • crackers
  • cheese
  • nuts
  • dried fruit
  • cured olives
  • chocolates
  • bread
  • bruschetta

You definitely want to make sure that you do not select any food item that has an overpowering taste. Again, as was noted a moment ago, you want to be sure that you select snacks that do not interfere with a guest’s palate at a wine tasting party.

You do want to have some other types of beverages available to your guests as well. These should be nonalcoholic selections, including fresh water. Perhaps some types of juices might also be a good idea when rounding out what you have available at your wine tasting party.


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