How to Do Las Vegas in Style
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How to Do Las Vegas in Style

No place screams excess like Las Vegas. Built up from barren desert less than 100 years ago, this city gives those with cash a place where they can be themselves, free from the judging looks of their next-door neighbors.

If you want to plan a luxury trip to the Entertainment Capital of the World, this article will offer up our preferred picks for those looking to do Las Vegas in style.

STAY: Four Seasons Las Vegas

Staying at the Four Seasons is a must if you want to do Las Vegas in style

There are a lot of glitzy casino resorts on The Strip, but those who want to do Las Vegas in style will want to spend their stay at the Four Seasons Las Vegas.

Occupying floors 35 through 39 in Mandalay Bay, it is its own autonomous hotel separate from the resort that hosts it. Despite this, guests have quick and easy access to this resort’s amenities, while receiving a bespoke standard of service.

When you are ready to leave your own personal oasis for the cacophony of Mandalay Bay’s casino floor, you can access it through a passageway known as the ‘secret door’.

Guests also get access to a pool separate from the main Mandalay Bay pool, which is significantly more peaceful than the raucous atmosphere that reigns at the former venue (it is well-known as a party destination during the summer season, so feel free to join the fun if you are up for it).

When you are ready to experience the best of The Strip, don’t subject yourself to a taxi ride here, as the pace of driving is slow and service levels are wildly erratic.

Instead, take advantage of the house car, which will chauffeur you around town in style. Or even pick up a Las Vegas RV rental and head out on a day excursion to the Grand Canyon or Hoover Damn.

SEE: Casa de Shenandoah

There is a lot to do in Las Vegas, from skydiving into wind tunnels to taking helicopter safaris into the heart of the Grand Canyon.

However, those who want to see how Las Vegas’ wealthiest citizens live will want to walk through the gates of Casa de Shenandoah.

The 55-acre estate of entertainer Wayne Newton is a perfect representation of how the top 0.1% of Vegas have lived their lives for decades.

Only open for tours since 2015, it is a rare look inside the mansion of a flamboyant multi-millionaire. Highlights include a billiard table with crystal inlays, ultra-expensive furniture, countless chandeliers, and a 60-stall horse stable.

DINE: Andiamo Italian Steakhouse

Those who want to do Las Vegas in style must indulge themselves by getting the best steak in the city

Eating in Vegas is one of the greater pleasures in life. During your stay here, do yourself a big favor and book an evening out at Andiamo Italian Steakhouse if you truly want to do Las Vegas in style.

Located upstairs from the weathered D Hotel and Casino on Fremont Street, this restaurant is a surprising find, as it serves some of the best cuts of beef anywhere in the city – be sure to order the tomahawk rib eye if you are passionate about steak.

Also known for their lobster tails and pasta, you will likely have one of the most satisfying meals of your trip at this establishment.

PLAY: The Bellagio

Mandalay Bay has many excellent options on their gaming floor, but they have nothing on what the Bellagio has to offer.

With its intricate fountain show setting the stage for what lies within, you’ll be impressed by what you find at Bobby’s Room, as it is here where the best poker players in the world regularly battle against each other.

Playing games like no-limit Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, 8-game mix, you’ll be in heaven if you are a diehard fan of America’s card game.

With the big blind in these games being bigger than the weekly paycheck of many Americans, it is a heady place to play if you have the dough to sit down with the biggest sharks on Earth.

As for other casino games, the Bellagio is equally well-provisioned, as it offers limits that reach into the countless thousands of dollars for games like blackjack, craps, and baccarat for those who want to do Las Vegas in style.

The only proviso? You need to have access to at least $300,000 in credit to enter.

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