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7 Cheap Man Cave Design and Décor Ideas

The man cave has become a major component of more than a few homes in the past decade or so. If you are interested in creating your own man cave, you may desire some solid suggestions about how to go about creating one without breaking the bank in the process. There are seven cheap man cave design and décor ideas that you will want to consider for your own space.

Wall Décor

One area in which you can save a good amount of money on decorating a man cave is wall décor. The bottom line is that you can decorate the walls of your man cave simply and yet with a bang by following some money-saving strategies.

The only limitation that you really have on what can be put on the walls of your man cave are your own creativity and what physically can be placed on a wall. When it comes to making a mark with your man cave, what you put up on the walls perhaps more than anything else will really speak to your own sense of style as well as what you like and enjoy.

Vintage Games

Another strategy you should consider employing to decorate your man cave for less money is to include vintage games of different types in the mix. For example, consider including a pinball machine in your man cave. You can find these in a number of locations. These include taverns or bars that have a pinball machine or two tucked in a storage area, antique shops, and online.

A pinball machine, and other similar types of games, can serve two purposes. First, it does provide an interesting, and even affordable, addition to the room. Second, it provides something that is entertaining to play.

Eclectic (Used) Furniture

You need not spend money on new furniture for your man cave. Rather, you can easily get buy purchasing an eclectic mix of used furniture that can make the room really take on a look and feel of its own.

The resources you can utilize when seeking used furniture for your man cave are significant and varied. Of course, was with so many things in this day and age, you likely will be able to find affordable, and yet unique and interesting, man cave furniture online. Garage sales are also good resources. Your own family members, residing outside of your home, may have a furniture item or two that they no longer want that they are more than happy to lend to you.

Simple Bar

Many a guy wants to have at least some type of bar in the man cave. You may fall into this category as well.

The reality is that more than a few men have gone off the rails when it comes to the cost of creating a man cave because they have overdone when it comes to a bar. Maybe sometime you can work your way to a really high end bar in your man cave. However, when you are creating the space in the first instance, you do not need to go there.

You can install a perfectly acceptable and functional, and yet simply and inexpensive, bar in your man cave with little effort. You can find examples of bars at this nature from a variety of online merchants. If you have some basic construction experience, you can also craft your own man cave bar using inexpensive materials.

Go Larger with the Fridge

Some men think that buying a mini-fridge is the best course when building a man cave. Although such an appliance is cheaper than a full size fridge, it may not be your best choice. In the end, you may soon find that a mini-fridge just doesn’t meet your needs. When creating a man cave, purchase a full-size, reasonably priced fridge. You might even want to consider a well-maintained, not too old, used one for use in your man cave.

Easy to Maintain Flooring

You want to keep the expenses of your man cave down not only when you create the space in the first instance, but when it comes to its maintenance as well. With this in mind, select flooring that is not easily damaged by spills and moving things around the room. For example, carpeting typically is out, although an appropriately designed area rug can work.

By applying these tips, you really will be able to create a man cave on a budget. You will be enjoying your man cave in no time at all — with money in your pocket.


Jessica Kane is a writer for The Pinball Company, the best online source for new, used, and refurbished pinball machines, arcade cabinets, and more!

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