What would you buy with a £4 million casino win? - Luxury Life Goals
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What would you buy with a £4 million casino win?

Picture the scene: you’ve just spent all night propping up the craps table and your eyelids with matchsticks, pouring your heart and soul into getting one over on the house. In the event, you don’t just get one over – you get four million! Lady Luck has taken a shine to you and blessed you with a mammoth windfall totalling £4 million… what would you do with the winnings?

Such a life-changing sum can open up a whole world of options to you – so many, in fact, that they can seem overwhelming! While fast cars, property and round-the-world boating trips would be the top of most people’s lists, here are a handful of suggestions for the more imaginative high roller:

Medieval real estate

medieval real estate

Forget mansions and country manors. If you really want to live like a king, the only way to go is medieval. £4 million could net you this ancient castle in Ireland with plenty of money left over for bunting and canonry; and while Balindooley Castle might not be the most glorious fortress on the market, who cares about aesthetics when you can launch cattle over the ramparts at people you don’t like? Alternatively, if you’re a more image-conscious regent, you could put down a sizable down-payment on this extravagant, 1,000-year-old castle in Germany. Surrounded by a forest and bordered by the Rhine, you’ll certainly give the Joneses something to keep up with.

Self-imposed exile

Sandy Cay - the Abacos Bahamas

Many people dream of travelling the world with their millions. But what about owning one of the most picturesque parts of it? With £4 million in your back pocket, you could easily pick up one of many cays and islands in the Bahamas, or indeed pretty much any location in the world! Say goodbye to the stress and strife of the modern world by purchasing your own personal paradise among palm trees and golden sands… what’s not to like? A life of coconut-sipping and hammock-swinging awaits.

Intergalactic getaway

Why settle for seeing the world up close when you can see it from space? Virgin Atlantic are pioneering the idea of recreational space travel and for the bargain price of £153,000, intrepid explorers can investigate that final frontier several times a year. What’s more, only a modicum of training is needed to participate (a few days’ briefing at most) and many Hollywood A-listers such as Leonard DiCaprio and Angelina Jolie have already signed up to the scheme. Meanwhile, IBM Times predict that falling costs will mean the journey could be had for as little as £7,000 in future – you could even enjoy weekends away at your holiday home on the Moon, perhaps!

”This isn’t a car”

Street-Legal Batmobile

When most people strike it lucky on the lottery or at the casino, they immediately rush out to upgrade their wheels. But Lamborghinis and Porsches, Ferraris and BMWs are all so last millennium… this is 2017, think outside of the box! With enough moolah to buy a whole fleet of head-turning vehicles, why not splash out on a street-legal Batmobile tumbler? No one will try and outrace you when you’re rolling around town in this baby.

Take to the airways

Martin Jetpack

Alternatively, why stick to land when you can fly to your destination? You could be one of the first to experience the thrill of jet setting from A to B with your very own jetpack! Though not yet available for private users, these nifty little machines are expected to hit the market within a decade and can be secured for under £100,000 – pocket change to a high roller like yourself! With engines packing 200 horsepower and top speeds of up to 60mph, you could soar over the traffic jams and laugh at all of the piddling peons below!

In it to win it

Whatever you’d spend your millions on, whether it be a lifetime supply of KitKats or a diamond-encrusted tuxedo, there’s no way you’re going to get your hands on it without putting in the hours at the croupier’s table, so brush up your knowledge at Casinopedia.org. Remember, you’ve got to be in it to win it – so take your first steps towards multimilliondom today!

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