Bored? Embrace some of the world's most extreme adventures
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Bored? Embrace some of the world’s most extreme adventures

Embracing the world's most extreme adventures will will help reinvigorate your life

In today’s world, the mass tourism industry has spread to the extent where you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking there is no longer such thing as an authentic experience.

The lowering cost of travel has made most popular travel destinations easier to access, increasing crowds which often cheapen the experience one can have in a place.

Fortunately, there are still interesting destinations throngs of people haven’t yet descended upon. So if you’re feeling bored at your desk, fetch yourself a cup of coffee from your K cup brewer and take a moment to imagine yourself experiencing some of the world’s most extreme adventures.

1 – Trekking in the Canadian Arctic

Trekking the Canadian Arctic is certainly among the world's most extreme adventures

Photo by CC user Ansgar Walk

Many people have a conception of Canada as the Great White North. The truth is, most of this country has a normal summer like much of the United States, even if their season is markedly shorter.

However, these stereotypes are at least partly true in the Canadian Arctic, where cold weather predominates, save for a few weeks per year.

Those wanting to discover the austere landscapes of Nunavut will want to pay a visit to Auyuittuq National Park, as the infrastructure here makes it the most accessible of all wild areas in this vast territory.

A backpacking trip through this area will still be a rougher experience than anything you are used to, as access is by boat or snowmobile, the weather can change on a dime, and apart from emergency shelters, you are largely on your own once your transport heads back to base. For this reason, trekking through this park earns its reputation as one of the world’s most extreme adventures. You’ll definitely want to pick up the best trekking gear and high quality trekking poles for your trip.

As you scramble over rocks and loose soil or glide over spring snow pack on touring skis, you’ll pass by many stunning natural assets, not the least of which is Mount Thor.

With a vertical drop exceeding 4,000 feet and angle of 110 degrees at its steepest, it is one of the most dramatic examples of mountain scenery of Earth.

2 – Spend time on Tristan da Cunha

Some of the world's most extreme adventures involve isolation on a massive scale: Tristan da Cunha is a prime example of this

Photo by CC user ctbto on Flickr

Has the noise and hassle of everyday life driven you to the brink of insanity? Get as far away possible from the masses by visiting the island of Tristan da Cunha, the world’s most isolated populated place.

Despite the Portuguese name, this lonely British dependency has been home to English-speaking residents since 1810, when Thomas Currie, an American became its first resident.

Claimed by the British shortly thereafter to prevent the French from using the isle as a base to rescue Napoleon (who was exiled on St. Helena more than 1,000 miles to the north), its status as a Crown possession began, which remains to this day.

Your best chance to visit is abroad one of the handful of cruises that call on this volcanic island on an annual basis.

Once ashore, you’ll be able to gain a perspective on how isolation shapes their lives (they went without visitors from 1909 to 1919, meaning they were informed that one of the world’s worst wars had broken out and ended after the fact), and you may get the chance to scale St. Mary’s Peak.

From this height, you’ll be able to get a view of the endless blue expanse of the Southern Atlantic Ocean, which seemingly stretches to infinity in every direction.

3 – Explore the natural wonders of the Atacama Desert

Journeying to the driest desert on Earth is one of the world's most extreme adventures for those requiring a bit more infrastructure than others

Photo by CC user myeviajes on Pixabay

Sick of gloomy, rainy, and cloudy conditions? Book your next trip to Atacama Desert, a place reputed to be one of the world’s driest places.

With cities like Arica, Chile going more than a decade without seeing precipitation in the past, and some parts of this inhospitable land not seeing any at all in over 400 years of recordkeeping, chances are good you won’t have your holiday ruined by rain during your time here.

Then again, those that don’t pack enough water on a hike through its desolate landscapes will quickly find how why engaging in outdoor activities counts among the world’s most extreme adventures.

People don’t come here for the beaches, though, as the Altiplano of this region is home to salt lakes where flamingos can often be sighted, geysers shoot steaming columns of water into the air, and alien-like landscapes that have been used by NASA to test Mars rovers.

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