The best tailors on Savile Row
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The best tailors on Savile Row

Want to buy a fine set of threads that will always be relevant and won’t fall apart like shoddily made men’s wear tends to do these days?

If you have serious money you can commit towards looking your best, the tailor shops along Savile Row will provide you with a bespoke suit which will command respect wherever you go.

Despite the upmarket prices, there is a bewildering amount of choice available. In this article, we’ll disclose what we believe to be the best tailors on Savile Row so you can spend less time wandering around and more time hammering out details of your new getup with some of the best clothiers in the world.

Gieves & Hawkes

The best tailors on Savile Row will make sure you look dapper

This tailor made a name for itself over the generations as the official tailor to the British military, crafting uniforms for its divisions, in addition to producing clothes for members of the Royal Family.

Past clients also include Winston Churchill, Ian Fleming, the Duke of Wellington, Charlie Chaplin, and Michael Jackson, giving this establishment an elite air and making them one of the best tailors on Savile Row.

They pioneered the ‘ready to wear‘ suit starting in the 1930s, which were pre-made suits in varying sizes and cuts, allowing customers to buy their product while everybody else was still making them from scratch.

This isn’t to say they have turned tail and have become a fast fashion retailer – they are still well known for producing some of the most bespoke suits on Savile Row.

Gentlemen who prefer a jacket with military undertones (high arm holes and roped shoulders are classic features of a bespoke suit from Gieves & Hawkes) will love what they find here.

Prices start at around £4,500 for bespoke suits, and turnaround time is around 12 weeks. It is fairly costly, but when it comes to acquiring a fine suit that will stand the test of time, it is a worthwhile investment to make.


The best tailors on Savile Row aren't afraid to innovate

Tailoring suits on Savile Row since 1882, Kilgour is an elder statesman on the block. However, it is better known as the clothier for many famous celebrities, with recent clients including the likes of Jude Law and Daniel Craig.

They made a move in recent years to become one of the best tailors on Savile Row by positioning themselves as a hot house of fashion, making other shops on the row look like stodgy relics of the past.

Their flagship store on 5 Savile Row certainly looks the part, as a 2015 renovation made over the store to look more like the edgy, trendy retailer they have been evolving towards for more than a decade.

Kilgour bespoke suits have become known for their slim fit, hidden fastenings, and notchless lapels – a distinguishing mark which is only found on their jackets.

These cutting edge threads aren’t cheap, though – with prices starting at £4,950 and eight week wait times, you have to be prepared to make a major commitment if you want to look like 007.

Dege & Skinner

The best tailors on Savile Row will make you a suit that will exceed your expectations

If you are a stickler for tradition, you could hardly do worse than checking out what Dege & Skinner has to offer.

In business since 1865, there are among the oldest tailoring operations in continuous operation in the world, and only one of two on Savile Row that is still run by the families who started them.

Like Gieves & Hawkes, Dege & Skinner also possesses Royal Warrants to make clothing for the Royal Family, but they also do the same for the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Sultanate of Oman, and Her Majesty’s armed forces, making them a solid choice for men looking to project a regal image.

One of its better sellers is the Phitwell Shooting Jacket, which designed to let the coat move as you reposition your gun whilst out hunting on the moors of England.

Like the other houses of men’s style on this list, you’ll be paying north of £4,000 for one of their coats, but considering their client list includes people like David Bowie, Prince Harry, and Gianni Versace, you won’t be let wondering why people view Dege & Skinner to be one of the best tailors on Savile Row.

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