The Best Penthouses in London
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The Best Penthouses in London

Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

For some, only the crème de la crème will do. If you subscribe to this life philosophy, you only book the best accommodations, and purchase the best properties money can buy.

If you are looking to acquire a home one of the world’s most significant cities, or if you wish to rent one there on a short-term visit, these best penthouses in London should be at the top of your list.

1) Academy Gardens

The crown jewel of Kensington’s finest condo complex features five bedrooms that open up onto a cavernous living space which will make any occupant feel like royalty.

Its appraised value of £30 million only confirms this, but it will appeal to more than bluebloods, as this place is fully-wired to take advantage of 21st century technology.

The lights, climate control, and entertainment systems on the property can be adjusted with the touch of a virtual button, making it attractive to those who appreciate the benefits of being well-connected.

2) The Heron

Want the flexibility of a home within London’s urban centre, but crave the square footage you’d have to head out to the suburbs/exurbs to find?

If you can finance a £15 million penthouse, then the penthouse at The Heron is well worth a look. With 6,000 square feet, you’ll have plenty of personal space within this residence.

On top of that, its floor-to-ceiling windows in the main living space will provide you with a killer view that you will just love, day or night.

With marble floors throughout the penthouse, and amenities that include a cinema room, there is plenty to love about this property.

3) Palace Court

Palace Court penthouse dining room

Photo by dean5859 on Pinterest

Looking for a palatial home with modern design features? If so, the top suite at Palace Court might suit you perfectly.

Its kitchen mixes stainless steel with a touch of IKEA-inspired design to produce a cooking environment you’ll be itching to use whenever your schedule permits.

The dining room stands in stark contrast to the kitchen, with an old-world motif which features chandeliers and a generations-old mantle.

With six bedrooms, there is plenty of room for visiting family and friends, who will appreciate having a place to stay in one of the best penthouses in London.

4) Neo Bankside

Those wanting a post-modern home in London will like what they find in Neo Bankside’s priciest condo.

With an asking price at just under £20 million, this 7,080 square foot, four bedroom pad boasts futuristic looking sofas, tables, and interior design that fits its 360-degree views of Central London perfectly.

With a private gym, 24-hour concierge, and all the amenities of the City Centre at your beck and call, it is quite possibly the perfect base for those who appreciate ease of access and convenience.

5) Trinity House

Situated right on Kensington High Street, Trinity House’s £13.5 million penthouse offers more than just bespoke furnishings and a central location in London.

It boasts its very own private swimming pool, gym, screening room, and 24 hours per day access to a concierge provided by Harrods, making this residence stand heads and shoulders above other options in the neighbourhood.

What’s more, guests won’t ever have to wait to use the bathroom, as its six bedrooms are matched evenly by six bathrooms.

Best of all, when you get back from enjoying the best food and drink this city has to offer, you’ll have a cracking view from one of the best penthouses in London to enjoy.

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