The Best Helicopter Tours in the World
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The Best Helicopter Tours in the World

As stunning as some destinations can be from ground level, they take on a whole other dimension from above. Unlike our avian friends, though, we can’t flap our arms and scope out a place from thousands of feet in the air.

However, helicopter tour companies offer this experience to their clients, taking them from one awe-inspiring vantage point to the next. During your world travels, make time for the best helicopter tours in the world if you find yourself in the following spots…

Las Vegas/Grand Canyon

A trip to Las Vegas should be about more than gambling with ridiculous amounts of money and indulging in some of the finest food in America. During your visit here, take to the air on one of the best helicopter tours in the world with one of several companies.

Not only does the Entertainment Capital of the World look smashing from the air, but it is within range of the Grand Canyon. Unlike those taking a bus tour, you’ll be able to to get there quicker and in more comfort, as you’ll be able to make a beeline for one of the world’s deepest and longest chasms.

After spending an hour or two pondering this marvel of nature, your pilot will take you back to Vegas just in time for dusk, when The Strip lights up in a blaze of flashing bulbs and neon tubes.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers some of the best helicopter tours in the world

As one of the world’s most densely populated cities, Hong Kong is impressive enough on its own, but you simply have to see this mountainous archipelago from the air in order to fully appreciate it.

With quick 15 and 30 minute flights that take you over the gleaming glass and concrete of the central business district and the surprising wildness of the Outlying Islands, it is easy to fit this activity into an action-packed schedule.

Great Barrier Reef

The largest coral reef in the world is magical when experienced on a diving or snorkeling trip, but have you ever seen this natural wonder from the air? Getting an aerial view of this treasure on one of the best helicopter tours in the world will reveal a dazzling kaleidoscope of blue and green that will take your breath away.

Some tours land on a private beach. Here, you’ll be free to laze in the sun, go swimming/snorkeling, and enjoy one of the world’s most peaceful places in the company of friends and family.

Cape Town

Sitting at the foot of one of the most dramatic mountains in Africa, Cape Town and vicinity deserves to seen from above. From Table Mountain to the dramatic peaks which define the entirety of the Cape Peninsula until it gives way to the Southern Ocean, there will be many sights your heli guide will be able to point out to you during your ride.

Some tours will even fly over Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela spent decades locked up during the Apartheid era – done after the land-based tour, seeing it from the air will help you appreciate the separation between the ruling class of that age and those who they oppressed.

Amalfi Coast

Italy is a country filled with amazing natural and cultural sights – both these qualities shine through strongly on the Amalfi Coast. With stunning cliffs, towns that wouldn’t look out of place in a postcard, and crystal clear water, it is a place everyone should visit someday.

When you finally plan that trip, make sure you take a helicopter flight during your stay. You’ll gain a whole new appreciation for the effort Italians had to put in order to make this gorgeous part of the world their home.

Some tours land in other towns along the coast, saving you the trouble of arranging ground transport. As such, this activity will prove to be a boon if you are staying in Sorrento but want to see the ruins of Pompeii during your stay on the Amalfi Coast.

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