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The Best Glamping Sites in South Africa

Probably one of, if not the last place on Earth where nature still runs free, beaches are calm and enjoyable, and yet still close to civilization, South Africa is the up and coming champion of vacationing. Kruger National Park houses arguably the best-preserved game reservations and private retreats. Camps Bay and Boulders Beach will easily take your breath away, and are just mere moments from the city center of beautiful (and English-speaking) Cape Town.

Surprisingly, the newest attraction for visiting South Africa is actually glamping. You know, camping in glamour and luxury! Though met with a little opposition in the beginning, the idea of enjoying the comforts of city life while tucked away in nature is attracting a larger and larger crowd each year. South Africa has switched on, and it can offer you the best retreats in the world if you’re interested in an affordable and enjoyable luxury vacation in the outback. Check out these options for your next glamping excursion:

Romantic Tipi Retreat in the Western Cape

glamping sites in south africa

This option is really perfect for couples (or groups of two), but each luxury tipi will house up to four people. The hut includes a comfortable bed with ultra-soft sheets and blankets as well as a sofa big and cushy enough to sleep on, all on an eclectic but clean and orderly gravel stone floor. The tipi serves as the dormitory, but the complex here in Robertson on the Western Cape has all the other living amenities one could want without sacrificing the authentic feel of camping. We’re talking luxury of hot showers powered by nearby geysers, solar-powered everything from fridge to lighting, and a full kitchen. Outdoor barbecue space is also included in the reservation, situated on a comfortable private veranda with seating and hammocks. Privacy is cared for on the premises, with each site located at least 50 meters (170 feet) away from the next. The only common area is the pool, otherwise providing a personal and private experience for anyone staying on the premises.

Romantic Retreat Cabin in Oedtshoorn

glamping sites in south africa

Following the same line of luxurious retreats for couples and small groups, this one trades a tent for a small house but still has that distinct camping feel. Completely secluded and tucked away amid the rivers and forest of Oedtshoorn, you’ll wake up to the rushing water every morning and feel truly away from it all. The great thing about the lovely cabins is their ability to house up to 4 people comfortably, much more suitable for small groups or families. Granted, one is staying in what is practically a house, so there will be normal facilities like a practical yet stylish kitchen as well as a bathroom with private shower. There’s even a flatscreen TV with cable. But what really stands out about this listing is its combination of what we love in nature (birds, trees, rivers, and the wild) along with what we enjoy about being at home (relaxing, watching a movie). One would be hard-pressed to find the same accommodations anywhere else in the world.

Luxury Tents By the Palmiet River

glamping sites in south africa


Isn’t a luxury tent a bit of an oxymoron? You might think so, but a look at some of the photos will definitely change your mind. Inside these classy tents near the beautiful Palmiet River, enjoy the comforts of overstuffed sofas, crackling fireplaces, and wide wrap-around decks with seating areas amid the most pristine indigenous hardwood forests on the continent. This is a great option to take it easy and really be away from the noise and clamor of the city, and each tent gives the occupants privacy from the others.

Tree House Getaway – Drakensburg

glamping sites in south africa

You know you have always dreamed of rekindling that childhood fantasy of the treehouse. Now you can! These amazing treehouse complexes near Drakensburg have three levels, able to accommodate up to four guests. Private rooms and bathrooms come standard, but the real gem of this place is its access to the forest in which it’s nestled. Sunrise and sunset is viewable from the outside decks, seated above the perch of a large hill overlooking the valley floor below and the snowy mountains beyond. This destination goes without saying as being truly one-of-a-kind.

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