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How to Pass A Urine, Saliva, Hair, and Blood Drug Test

If you’re a seasoned drug tester, then you should know that there are many ways you can be caught. The authorities are not at all oblivious to what’s happening behind the scenes, after all. Diluting pee with water, exchanging your saliva with another’s, bribing the person taking your blood, and all other conniving tactics are old news. By now, the authorities have all of those tricks down and they may even be finding ways to prevent such desperate counters as we speak. 

This is why you should never rest on your laurels. Don’t grow too confident in the methods you’ve used in the past. For all you know, when the next tests come around, the tactics you think would work will fail. And you’ll be there, standing in confusion, trying to find the right alibi for using such underhanded methods. If you don’t want to be confronted with this kind of embarrassment (and trouble), you may want to consider more effective and discreet ways to pass that upcoming drug test. There are sites like Clear Drug Tests that can help you, however, you can always opt for simple yet creative ways that will leave no traces; no proof. 

Question now is, am I willing to help you out?

Yes, I am. 

In order to find the right countermeasure for each drug test, you first need to familiarize yourself with the usual tests companies and authorities will most likely have you undergo:

Urine Drug Test – This is probably the most common and widely used drug test there is (read more). It involves getting a “pee sample” from the test taker and running it through laboratory tests. If a person is an active user, traces of the said substance will appear on the test results.

Saliva Drug Test – Second to urine, another common drug test is the saliva drug test. It involves taking a sample of the test taker’s saliva and running it through laboratory tests. Saliva tests are said to be less accurate than the urine test as a person can use many methods to mask the traces of a psychoactive drug in his or her saliva.

Hair Drug Test – A hair drug test involves taking a hair strand from the test taker and running it through laboratory tests. Traces of the taken substance can be detected in the hair follicle. It is said that drug traces found on this part of the body is stubborn and hard to omit through normal means. 

Blood Drug Test – If you’re an active user, this type of test is harder to pass than other tests. You just can’t fake what runs in your blood, you see. Also, traces of substances are more concentrated in the blood so results coming from these types of tests are failsafe and a little too reliable.

At this time, you only have these four types of tests to really worry about. Of course, there is no telling what new technologies can be developed in the future – not that there is any point in worrying about things that have yet to come. For now, let’s focus on how you can pass a drug test that you do know about. In other words, let me show you ways to avoid coming out positive in each respective test: urine, saliva, hair, and blood. 

Urine – To pass a urine test, what you need to do is quite simple – that is, if you’ve still got the time. As mentioned earlier, your results in a urine test only come out positive when traces of a substance are detected in your pee. If you keep hydrating yourself – and we do mean “drink lots of water” (no other sugary drinks), you can stimulate your bladder to pee more often. The more you excrete urine before the appointed time of the test, the less likely it is for the substance to be traced. It will become lighter and lighter, to the point that it becomes untraceable.   

Saliva – Saliva tests may also have just about the same level of difficulty as a urine test. When you give a saliva sample, you provide only what is already in your mouth. Before the test even begins, there are a variety of things you can do to try and rid your mouth of discernible drug traces. A couple days before (if you have the benefit of time), you can bombard your mouth with mouthwash twice every day for the next following days. If time is limited, you might want to opt for synthetic saliva that is purchasable online. 

Hair Follicle – Now, this one is tricky – but of course, not impossible to evade. The residues found in the hair follicle are harder to erase; it’s also persistent, often lasting for several days or weeks. Recent technology, however, has brought forth what may just be the answer to our pleas – Hair Follicle Shampoo. This specific shampoo is believed to be able to seep through the hair follicle and erase any traces of drugs. Wondering where to get it? Try online. 

Blood – Although we’ve heard of many alternative methods to pass a blood drug test, we believe that the safest way to get through is detox. It’s hard to fake blood – let alone cleanse it on such short notice. If you’re anticipating a blood drug test in the following months, it would be best to limit or cease your drug usage and start detoxifying.

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