How to live the James Bond lifestyle
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Many guys want to know how to live the James Bond lifestyle - are you one of them?

How to live the James Bond lifestyle

Of all the male role models out there, few have the enduring following that James Bond has. Living a fast life filled with women, fast cars, and danger, his reality is one that other guys wish they could have for themselves.

While it may not be possible to pattern your life exactly after Commander Bond’s, you can take elements of his psyche and emulate them.

Below, we’ll highlight a few areas that you can focus on if you want to learn how to live the James Bond lifestyle.

1 – Dress sharp

Looking good is integral when it comes to knowing how to live the James Bond lifestyle

Perhaps the most important aspect of the James Bond lifestyle is knowing how to dress smartly. Our favorite secret agent needs to blend in seamlessly to gather intelligence on members of the global elite – if he looked like a scrub, they would be able to sniff him out immediately.

Even in casual situations, you should be aiming to project an air of sophistication with your wardrobe choices. Think blazers and khaki pants instead of shorts and t-shirts.

In formal situations, keep your clothes crisp and wrinkle-free, and wear quality leather shoes that shine like mirrors.

What you wear speaks volumes about who you are, so if you want to channel James Bond, copying his sense of suave style is a must.

2 – Learn the art of seduction

In matters of love, James Bond gets the girl more often than not. He doesn’t do this by reeling off crude pickup lines, he does it by understanding what women crave and by being confident in his own masculinity.

Unlike the red pill nonsense that has been spread around in recent years, attracting a mate like Bond revolves around being polite, embracing core tenets of chivalry, and making the object of your affection feel like they are the only woman on Earth.

By expressing genuine interest in them (instead of just saying stuff to ‘get in their pants’) and being classy when escalating towards more romantic activities, you’ll enjoy more conquests than any of those so-called ‘pickup artists’ who have the wrong idea about how to live the James Bond lifestyle.

3 – Become skilled in various styles of martial arts

When learning how to live the James Bond lifestyle, knowing how to kick someone's butt is part of the process...

While many men are in love with the glamorous aspects of being Bond, there is no disputing the dangerous work that he has to do to keep the free world safe.

While he does his best to conduct espionage covertly, he must always be ready to win a physical confrontation against enemy secret agents.

In situations where you have to defend yourself or the honor of a loved one, having in-depth knowledge of at least two martial arts will give you the advantage when diplomacy fails.

Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Brazilian Ju Jitsu – these disciplines and others can teach you to defend yourself and to act quickly to neutralize your attacker’s ability to perpetrate violence.

4 – Learn how to play poker and other table games

In more than a few Bond films, James’ primary arena of diplomacy has been the casino. It allows him to engage his adversaries in a social setting to get them to lower their guard and gather intelligence.

In order to not stick out, knowing how to conduct yourself when playing games like baccarat, blackjack, craps, and poker is essential when it comes to how to live the James Bond lifestyle.

Avoid older books on the subject, as games like poker have evolved dramatically over the years. Instead, seek out forums online dedicated to the subject, as they contain relevant information, and they provide you with the opportunity to collaborate with professional gamblers.

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