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How to keep your family entertained this Christmas

It’s fair to say Christmas is going to be a little different this year with tiers and rules of six on account of the Coronavirus pandemic our little ‘bubbles’ are going to be on the small side. So how do you plan on keeping your and yours entertained over the yuletide period? Monopoly, let’s face it, is a recipe for a family argument. Charades has a shelf life of half an hour at best and does anyone really know how to play Bridge? So if you are looking to keep the family entertained here are our top five tips, guaranteed fun but we can’t promise there won’t be some arguments…

A Pool Table 

Missing the pub? Of course, you are. With many hospitality venues only being able to open if they sell food it’s not just the drinking man us are missing about going down the local. Pool is the classic pub game that can be played by anyone (as long as they can reach over the table). And if you are feeling extra frivolous you could treat yourself to a pool dining table. Good for turkeys and trick shots at Christmas. 

A Juke Box

Another item commonly found in pubs in the Juke Box. So if you have got tons of vinyl or CD’s that never see the light of day anymore because you’re on Spotify or Soundcloud all day a jukebox could be a great excuse to dust them off. This may cause a few disagreements with younger members of your family as, to date, we haven’t found a jukebox that can stream from YouTube. 

Table Football

A winning format that has stood the test of time. A table football tournament can keep you entertained for hours. The glass-topped versions are also handy for storing drinks on. Remember the spinning of players is not allowed! 

Retro games machines 

For those of us of a certain age do you ever miss those Saturday afternoons spent down the games arcade? Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter 2, Pac-Man and Super Mario are all available as full standing units which can live in the house. These games might slightly underwhelm the younger members of your family but you can explain that they are playing a history lesson, whilst you go on to beat them again…

Air Hockey 

An Air Hockey table really is fun for all the family. The rules are simple and to cheat is hard so as long as you’re playing against an opponent who can reach the table, not much explanation is required! 

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