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How Synthetic Diamonds are Used in Vehicles

You may have heard of synthetic diamonds and their use within healthcare and aerospace industries. But how have synthetic diamonds been used to make our everyday vehicles?

Synthetic diamonds might actually appear in your car anywhere from the speakers, to the brake discs. 

These extremely hard diamonds are most likely to be used in the manufacturing process. Because of their structure, they’re ideal for cutting tools, such as drills. They make the process of drilling/cutting much smoother and easier. You may be able to cut more materials faster, therefore lowering operational costs. A standard cutting tool might be able to machine several hundred brake discs before wearing away, but a synthetic diamond one could machine upto 10,000.

You might also find synthetic diamond materials in certain engine or gearbox parts, in the window manufacturing process, and even to assist with the smooth finish on the body parts. How many times have you accidentally scratched your car, on a wall or with your handbag? Or have you ever had your car doored? It can be upsetting when you find a scratch on your well-maintained car. 

Synthetic diamonds could be used to create scratch or friction-resistant coatings. Though this could create many benefits for car owners, it would work wonders for mobile phone screens too, making them unscratchable and almost unbreakable. 

A famous luxury car manufacturer recently unveiled a new sedan which features body paint made from crushed diamonds. This means car scratches may become a thing of the past. 

Element Six, at, have even been exploring the use of synthetic diamonds as a way of replacing GPS. The diamonds are extremely sensitive to magnetic waves, which means we could do away with GPS satellites telling cars where they are. The use of diamonds might make navigation a faster, more precise, more cost effective process. 

There are many more ways synthetic diamonds are used in items we use every day. Their use in cars might surprise you if it’s not something you’ve ever considered before.

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