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How do Travel Bloggers Make Money

Traveling blogging might seem like an enjoyable occupation. With that noted, you may wonder how a travel blogger can go about making money. It’s all well and good to have enjoyable pastimes. But, in the end, you must be able to make a living. In fact, there are some strategies that can be employed in order to make money as a travel blogger.

What a travel blogger must understand is that he or she cannot just sit down in front of a computer or notebook screen and start typing and then expect the money to start rolling in. Rather, bloggers who are most financially successful are those who not only write well, but who work hard. These are bloggers who are creative when it comes to putting words on paper, but also creative when it comes to taking those words and utilizing them in a variety of different ways.

Create and Sell Your Own Products

A primary way in which a travel blogger can make money is through creating and selling products. One of the most essential, and even obvious, type of product a travel blogger can create and sell is an ebook. In fact, a travel blogger may want to consider writing multiple ebooks.

There are a variety of ways in which ebooks can be created and sold to make money as a blogger. First, an ebook can easily be pulled together that really is a collection of travel blog posts.

Second, a travel blogger can make destination specific ebooks. Third, a travel blogger could do a series of topical ebooks addressing topics like how to save money while traveling.

Products need not be anything complicated or difficult and expensive to produce. They can be as simple as original, creative, and interesting apparel items with some sort of focus on travel or a particular destination.

Direct Advertising

There is a myriad of myths about blogging and advertisers. The fallback tactic that most bloggers use is something like AdSense. In reality, a travel blogger can make more money by reaching out to certain advertisers and attempt to develop a direct relationship with them. For example, a person can include an “advertise with us” page on a website and seek out businesses in this manner. In the end, if a blogger devotes the time to attract some direct advertisers, more money will be made than would be the case through AdSense.

Speak at Gatherings

Conferences, conventions, and other gatherings are always in need of speakers. Moreover, they are willing to pay for speakers, lecturers, and presenters.

A travel blogger can enhance his or her income by reaching out to convention and conference planners, as well as others, and offer services as a speaker, lecturer, or presenter. Of course, a blogger must develop solid presentation skills before heading down this pathway.


In addition to writing about travel related topics, a blogger can make additional money by consulting. Consulting in the travel industry can come in a variety of forms. For example, a skilled blogger can consult with travel professionals about consumer are looking for in the way of certain types of trips and travel options.

Freelance Gigs

Your blog can become something of a portfolio of a person’s professional writing efforts. This can serve as a foundation upon which a blogger can seek and obtain other writing gigs. In the end, a blogger who takes this course oftentimes is able to develop some profitable freelance writing gigs.

Print Books

Although digital books are accessed by many people in this day and age, others still demand books in print. A travel writer should thing of developing and printing travel books. These can include books with sharp photos.

A blogger need not seek out a publisher and try and gain acceptance or book proposal. Rather, a blogger can access a wealth of resources and technology that is available today that permits a person the ability to self-publish quality books affordably. Indeed, there is technology that permits not only print on demand but also drop shipping that permits shipment directly to a consumer.

Take a Comprehensive Approach

In the final analysis, a travel blogger is best able to enhance his or her income by taking a comprehensive approach to marketing products. A travel blogger can lay the foundation for broader financial success by taking advantage of several of the strategies set forth in this article, if not all of them. The cliché of not putting all of your eggs into one basket definitely comes into play in this regard.



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