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Have you looked at Car Undercoat Soundproofing?

When you first read the title you probably, like most people, have no clue what we are talking about. The process to have it done is simpler and more cost-effective than you might think too. Have a read what the Soundproof Pros for car undercoating have to say, and see what all the buzz is about.

What is Undercoating?

In words that we not so car savvy folk will understand, it’s a layer between the underside of your car and the road or terrain you will be driving on. Like a sunblock for your car, but underneath in the shadows…

Having this layer put on is great for a few reasons. Besides the noise reduction which is the priority of having this treatment done, it also helps prevent Knicks and scratches from deflected rubble and our trusty friend who never fails to show face, rust.

What Causes Rust?

This red annoying occurrence happens when there is either water present or the air is particularly moist, and then the iron reacts to the oxygen. This explanation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rust goes into more depths and shows you the full process and consequences of this reaction.

We spend half our lives in cars. Coming and going, taking and fetching. Vacations, business travel, for sure we are in the car at some point each day. If we can make those journeys more ambient without all the added noise and ‘look after’ it while we drive, it’s something to look into.

So how does it all Work?

To start, like with all projects, you need to prime and prep the area. This you can do by simply giving the car and especially the underside, as this is where you will be applying the spray, a good and thorough scrub down. Any areas that have rust should be seen to before you spray.

Once you have made the bottom of the vehicle looking bright like a diamond, you need to let it dry completely. Ideally over a day or two. Alternatively, you could towel dry it depending on time restraints – and patience. Make sure it is 100% dry before anything as this helps the coating to adhere to the surface.

Then, taking your time, spray the underneath of the car and wheel wells. Do not miss any spots as these areas will allow the noise to come through. Be sure to purchase a few extra cans as two to three layers are recommended with a day’s drying in between each.

Different Types of Sprays.

Withany product, there are options available, some more effectual than others. 3 to look into are 1: Professional Grade Rubberized undercoating, 2: Rubberized undercoating 16oz and 3: Rubberized undercoating Plasti-Kote. 

You can watch this video that explains the different available products and talks about getting it done. Seeing the process can also help with any tricky terminology, like me I like pictures to understand. 

3 Advantages to Having a Soundproof Coating Done.

  • Noise. This is the first concern for having the procedure done.
  • Rust. It protects the metal from forming rust patches.
  • Longevity. Having it done, and in turn, protecting your vehicle, will increase the life span of the car and you can have your ‘baby’ for longer.

So, does it reduce the Noise then? 

Well if having those extra few layers means you don’t hear all the loose stones or gravel pinging up as you drive, or litter that some inconsiderate has decided he no longer needs while on the road and has now chucked out the window for you to swerve around or worse drive over, then yes it is a go-ahead from me.

Other Forms of Soundproofing.

Once the spray treatment is complete and you want to round off the soundproofing journey, a few extra tasks will help with that last hurdle of noise reduction and deadening. The first one is putting a layer of sound deadening foam under the mats in the car. There are different priced ones on the market but they all do the same job.

Depending on the size of your vehicle, you can put a layer of this foam in the boot. Works wonders on the bigger, heavier cars. Sound comes through over the tire areas.

And lastly, if you want to eliminate all possible disquiet, then putting a layer in the doors will sort you right out. This, of course, is a more tedious time-consuming task and requires a bit more effort, but it will make all the difference.

All in All.

Naturally, when we try new products or treatment methods, we all have our personal preferences and see the outcomes differently. What works for some may not work for others. Seeing the benefits for a longer period does mean putting in an effort to a certain extent. Maintenance is essential and soundproofing regularly will help keep you in the ‘quiet zone.

As cars get older, typically like us, they get louder. So, having this undercoating applied early is a vital preventative alternative to trade in later on. Besides, as fun as it might sound to trade-in and up, our sidekick is irreplaceable.

 Out of all the people I’ve spoken to and that have had this soundproofing undercoating done, everyone has come back with positive responses. They can now drive in peace, reach their destination calmly and more honestly, can now hear how not-great they actually sing.

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