A baller's guide to Paris
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Are you a baller? This guide to Paris will help you make the most of your trip to the City of Light

A baller’s guide to Paris

Paris has a charm that is undeniable. From the understated elegance of its architecture to its emphasis on quality in all aspects of life, many end up planning a return trip as soon as they are able.

While Paris can be enjoyed by travelers in all budget classes, the very best experiences are reserved for those who are unafraid to spend hundreds of Euros on them.

Below, this guide to Paris will share highlights that any self-described baller wouldn’t want to miss.

STAY: Le 10 Bis Hotel

Commence your stay in Paris by checking into Le 10 Bis. Located a short walk away from the Arc de Triomphe, you’ll be greeted with amazing views upon waking each morning.

While small in size, its intimate nature means you’ll be treated with the respect that you and your traveling partners deserve.

Le 10 Bis is known for its amazing selection of wine, concierges who consistently deliver amazing results for guests, and for their room’s luxurious and comfortable furnishings.

DO: Tour the Louvre

Any guide to Paris includes the Louvre

While you should try to see as much as you can, do not miss the Louvre, as any guide to Paris touts this cultural giant for many very important reasons.

Noted for its architecture (both historic and modern – the glass pyramid added by I.M. Pei is immediately associated with this landmark by many) and for being the largest museum in the world, you’ll want to block off a whole day to give this national treasure the attention it deserves.

Containing 38,000 pieces dating from the prehistoric period to modern times, you’ll have plenty of ground to cover, from Egyptian artifacts to priceless works of art like Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

Be sure to visit the grounds again after dark, as it is then when the exterior and the pyramid are brilliantly lit up, making it a stunning scene for photography enthusiasts to shoot.

EAT: L’Abeille

You won’t be left wanting for quality food while in Paris, as the French take pride in every meal they prepare. However, those wanting to be truly astounded needn’t look any further than L’Abeille.

A Michelin-starred restaurant known for its creative amuse bouches (appetizers chosen by the chef that are served to diners free of charge) and its black truffles, those who eat here will have their expectations surpassed by every course that comes out of their eminently-talented kitchen.

If you can’t decide between the many delectable options, L’Abeille also offers a tasting menu that will take you on a culinary adventure you won’t soon forget.

DRINK: Moulin Rouge

This guide to Paris recommends Moulin Rouge

There is no shortage of fantastic nightclubs and wine bars in Paris, but if this is your first time in town, you need to pay a visit to Moulin Rouge.

A cabaret bar where can-can dancing supposedly originated, it is a cultural institution, despite its touristy reputation.

Purchase VIP access to avoid the tourist crowds, as this tip isn’t suggested in any budget guide to Paris. You’ll get to enter without having to queue, and you’ll get to sit in a private balcony which has enough room to accommodate 24 guests.

With champagne and fine chocolates available for your enjoyment during the performance, it will rank among the highlights of your trip.

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