Experiencing South Africa in style
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Experiencing South Africa in style

Africa is one of the most intriguing continents in the world, but many hesitate to plan a trip, as much misinformation exists about its suitability as a tourist destination.

In reality, there are many experiences available for bespoke travelers across this massive land, but those looking for an easy ‘on’ to this continent needn’t look further than South Africa.

As its the most developed nation, it has a slate of attractions and experiences that will stoke your hunger for trips deeper into the heart of one of most misunderstood places on the planet.

Explore with us as we go over just a few of the itineraries one can follow if experiencing South Africa in style is your top priority.

Shop at the V&A Waterfront

Many travelers begin their South African journey in Cape Town. It is not hard to see why – on your flight’s final approach, your field of vision will be consumed by the ethereal blue surf of the South Atlantic Ocean, the lofty heights of Table Mountain, and the stylish houses dotting the coastline above Camps Bay.

While visits to the aforementioned attractions are trips you should definitely make, don’t leave the Mother City without spending a relaxing day shopping amidst the shops of the V&A (Victoria & Alfred) Waterfront.

Filled with shops selling everything from exquisite African handicrafts to diamond & gold studded treasures, you’ll find a gift for everyone who is near and dear to your heart.

Taste South Africa’s finest vintages in Stellenbosch

Experiencing South Africa in style is easy when you are sipping wine in Stellenbosch

As the largest center in the highly productive Cape Winelands, the streets of Stellenbosch are filled with numerous tasting rooms and fine dining establishments.

On the outskirts, it is surrounded by vineyards which produce everything from Sauvignon Blanc to Chardonnay. With over thirty properties to visit, your taste buds will be spoiled for choice. If experiencing South Africa in style is important to you, taking a day trip out here is a must while in Cape Town.

Dine at Carnivore

Johannesburg is also an intriguing destination in South Africa, as your visit there will be made notable by visits to gold mines and the colorful township of Soweto.

Before you wrap up your time in the biggest city in the country, though, make time to experience this country’s meat-heavy cuisine by sitting down for a meal at Carnivore Restaurant.

Offering the braai experience to end all braais, meat cuts from over fifteen types of animal are available, running the gamut from familiar choices (beef, chicken, pork, etc) to more exotic fare (zebra, crocodile, ostrich, etc).

The preparation is a big part of the experience here, as these chunks of flesh are cooked over an open flame and are served to you skewered on a sword.

Vegetarian and vegan companions needn’t feel left out either, as this restaurant provides non-meat/fish alternatives for those who choose to abstain from the non-stop meat buffet (they only stop serving you when you throw up your hands in surrender).

Go on a luxury safari in Kruger National Park

Going on safari is a must if Experiencing South Africa in style is your goal

Nobody serious about experiencing South Africa in style would leave the country without taking a multi-day safari in one of its expansive wild areas. Of all the game reserves in the country, none is as beloved as Kruger National Park.

Designated as this nation’s first in 1926, it protects over 517 species of birds and 147 species of mammal, the latter of which includes copious numbers of the Big 5 (lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, and rhinos).

Take care to plan your trip during the winter season, as the weather is cooler (average high is 26 degrees Celsius, or 78 degrees Fahrenheit) and drier at this time.

With many fantastic glamping options being located within the park, it is possible you will see some of the above-mentioned animals and others strolling past camp as you relax by the pool following a morning of sightseeing.

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