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Create a Stunning Tablescape for a Spring Dinner Party

Spring is the time of year for bright, beautiful, and brilliant. This look and feel should carry through to your tablescape for a perfect springtime dinner. When it comes to tablescaping in a manner that captures springtime, consider the may ways that you can incorporate silver into mix.

 Silver and Fresh Spring Blooms 

More than a few songs celebrate the combination of silver and gold. In the springtime, think about silver and flowers, including when it comes to tablescaping for a dinner party. Blending silver table pieces together with fresh springtime flowers is an ideal way in which tablescape during the lovely months before summertime. Tulips and daffodils presented in silver vases instantly make a table look bright and elegant at the same time.

 Another idea is to place spring blooms in glass or crystal vases and then accent the table scape with other types of silver pieces. For example, you can add silver napkin holders to tablesettings. Of course, sterling silver dinnerware is a perfect touch as well, and likely something you were already thinking about.

Silver Holders and Pastel Candles

Long gone are the days when dinner party table candles were white. Today, you can find stunning candles that are about as far from white as you can go. This includes pastel table candles in pastel hues. Pairing pastel candles with silver holders is a perfect combination for a springtime dinner party tablescape.

When pastel candles first became a reality, you could be expected to spend a good amount above the “normal price” typically seen with table candles. That has changed in recent years. Even candles in less commonplace hues are affordable. In addition, there are also far easier to find.

You no longer have to track down candles like these at specialty stores. Rather, you can even find them at big box and discount stores everywhere. Of course, as is the case with so many things in this day and age, you can also order stunning and festive pastel candles online.

One word of caution: take care when you select pastel candles for a springtime tablescape that will also include flowers. Many of these types of candles come scented. You may want to consider avoiding the scented derivations of these candles when you are blending them with a tablescape that will include flowers. The scent of the candles is likely to overpower the smell of the flowers once the candles are lit. In the end, blending scentless pastel candles, fresh flowers, and silver is enhanced when it is the flowers that add a seasonal sent to the table.

On the other hand, if your table will feature flowers that don’t particularly have their own odor, forge ahead with a scented candle option. Tulips are a perfect example of this type of scenario. However, even in this case, be cautious of the strength of the scent associated with candles used in a tablescape. You don’t want that scent impacting that associated with the food being served.

 Silver Place Cards with Floral Theme

Another idea you will want to consider when it comes to creating a stunning tablescape for a springtime dinner party is using silver colored place cards with an added floral theme.

Silver utilized to accent place cards and playoff the silver used in dinnerware. In addition, the floral flourishes you select for the place cards can harmonize with actual fresh flowers that you place within the tablescape itself.

As an additional touch, think about calligraphy for the names on the place cards. In addition, in doing so think beyond the black inkwell. Consider using some sort of lively pastel colored ink that celebrates the season and adds another unique, festive touch to your springtime dinner party tablescape.

Silver and Black for a Tablescape that Pops

Contrasts can make a tablescape stunning. In contemplating a springtime dinner party, consider a black tablecloth and cloth napkins. Contrast that with an abundance of silver. Not only use more commonplace silver dinnerware, but add other silver pieces to the tablescape. These additional silver items can include napkin rings or napkin holders, vases for flowers, and other items that tastefully accent the table and provide a contrast to the dark foundation laid with a black table cloth and cloth napkins.

Finally, add a splash of vibrant color by placing different springtime flowers about the tablescape. They can be presented in larger bouquets located about the table. In the alternative, spring blossoms can be presented in small clusters at each table setting.


 Jessica Kane is a writer for Silver Superstore, home of the internet’s best flatware.

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