The best speakeasies for a classy night out in London
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The best speakeasies for a classy night out in London

Want to have a classy night out in London? Read on below.

Photo by CC user ronin691 on Flickr

Want to enjoy a fun night in London at a bar that has a classy yet edgy vibe? Fortunately, this world-class city has a thriving speakeasy scene, making it easy to find a drinking establishment that takes a dramatic departure from the usual bar, pubs, and nightclubs found there.

If you are looking to plan a classy night out in London that you won’t soon forget, plan a visit to one or more of the following joints.

1 – CellarDoor

Start your classy night out in London at CellarDoor

Photo by CC user 10240259@N08 on Flickr

Built in a converted restroom dating back to the Victorian era, CellarDoor sounds like an interesting place to have a drink, a hunch which will be confirmed soon after walking through their door.

Those looking for a spot of live entertainment will be suitably impressed by what they find here, as there are plenty of singers cut in the cloth of Frank Sinatra, cabaret performers, drag queen nights, and so much more.

Even the bathroom here is worthy of mention, as the clear stall doors fog over once you lock them.

2 – 69 Colebrooke Row

A runner-up in Time Out London’s highly-competitive Love London awards in 2016, those that have discriminating tastes will want to sample the many original concoctions that are on offer at 69 Colebrooke Row.

Situated in a back lane in Islington, its hidden location is your first clue that you’ve stumbled onto something special, but once you learn that this joint is the home of mixologist extraordinaire Tony Conigliaro, you’ll know that you’ll be in for a great evening.

Tony has a lab upstairs from the bar where he conducts experiments on new innovative cocktails before debuting them with his customers.

As such, those looking for cutting edge drinks that stand out from the same old, same old will definitely want to add this bar to their list when heading out for a classy night out in London.

3 – Evans & Peel Detective Agency

Evans and Peel is a great spot to go during a classy night out in London

Photo by CC user acnatta on Flickr

This cheeky joint uses clever reverse psychology to promote itself, exhorting customers on its drink menus to not tell their friends about this secretive bar.

Apparently, somebody didn’t get the memo, as this bar was one of the runner-ups in Time Out’s 2014 Love London survey.

To their credit, they keep up this schtick pretty well, as you have to play along with the doorperson when it comes to gaining admittance to this well-hidden lounge.

Appearing to be a 19th-century style detective agency out front, Evans & Peel gives way to an establishment whose dark atmosphere gives off the feel of an authentic renegade bar operating during prohibition.

Food is also served here, so if you plan on having dinner, we recommend having the pulled pork.

4 – Callooh Callay

Found in the hip district of Shoreditch, it is no surprise that Callooh Callay managed to win honors such as the world’s best high volume bar at the 2016 Spirited Awards, as the residents of this neighborhood have habitually rewarded innovative entertainment concepts.

Despite the reputation of Shoreditch establishments being staffed by hipsters that scoff at anyone who isn’t ‘with it’, the bartenders and cocktail artists who work at Callooh Callay stand out for their friendliness and patience with those who are just discovering this place during a classy night out in London.

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