Best winter coats for gentlemen in 2017
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Best winter coats for gentlemen in 2017

With the summer of 2017 in the books, the falling leaves and temperatures of fall serve as a reminder that winter is not far behind.

At this point, you may be realizing your cold weather wardrobe is starting to get out of date. If you are looking to overhaul your look this year, this article will allow you to review the best winter coats for gentlemen in 2017 so you can make the best possible choice in the weeks ahead.

The Topcoat – one of the best winter coats for gentlemen in 2017

The topcoat is one of the Best winter coats for gentlemen in 2017

Those looking for the best in warm attire will want to seek out a professionally designed topcoat before the weather gets too cold this fall.

While it may not be the best choice on days when temperatures get really frosty, a good topcoat will keep frigid drafts at bay while impressing your peers with its Italian tailoring.

With narrow lapels, long sleeves, and a look that will allow you to blend in with the smartest dressed bankers in Central London, the D Squared2 topcoat is a buy that will get plenty of use this winter and beyond.

The Neo Duffel

Looking for something more affordable that sports a look that will still turn heads? Going for a Neo Duffel jacket will accomplish this goal, as it mixes utility with a style that will make the most out of every dollar you spend on it.

Looking for a specific recommendation? Japanese fashion house Uniqlo makes a Neo Duffel with a wool, polyester and nylon blend which will give you a contemporary look that will impress your friends and contacts.

The Peacoat

The peacoat is one of the Best winter coats for gentlemen in 2017 because it keeps you warm while making you look super snazzy

When it comes to the brutal chill of winter, few know how bad it can really get than the sailors who ply the waters of the North Atlantic.

To protect them from the dampest of colds, many don peacoats, an especially thick and waterproof coat which allows them to do their jobs with a lot less discomfort than they would otherwise have to endure.

In high fashion circles, this workhorse has been revamped to produce a coat that repels the worst that winter can throw at a person, all while softening its hardest aspects to make its wearers presentable on any high street.

With double breasted buttons, a navy-blue wool outer, and a quilted interior, the Gucci take on this classic coat should be your go-to if you are looking for something to shield you from the chilly air where you live while maintaining a look that commands respect.

The Camel Coat

Far too many people give into the gloom of winter by donning its colors: from pitch black to dark shades of grey, it’s enough to drag down one’s mood considerably.

Buck the trend by donning a camel coat instead. A light beige tone that stands out from crowds mourning the death of yet another summer, this is easily one of the best winter coats for gentlemen in 2017, as it will capture the attention of everyone around you.

From its peaked lapels to lightly padded shoulders, it is a fashion choice that the bold should adopt before the snow flies this winter.

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