Best private islands for sale in 2017
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Best private islands for sale in 2017

As engaging and exciting as pursuing success can be, it can be a mentally strenuous affair even at the best of times.

If you have grown your income considerably over the past few years, it may be time to invest in a refuge where you can collect your thoughts and recharge your emotional batteries.

For many entrepreneurs, owning a private island has given them a fortress of solitude to which they can escape the world whenever they feel the need.

If you are in the market for this type of real estate, check out what we believe to be the best private islands for sale in 2017.

1 – Moho Caye, Belize

Have you always wanted Leonardo DiCaprio as a neighbor? You’ll be sitting just a short boat ride away from his island estate in Belize if you can pony up the cash to purchase Moho Caye.

Consisting of 8.5 undeveloped acres, this lonely island is a blank canvas that you can use to build your castle in the tropics.

Sitting 12 miles off the coast of Placencia on the mainland, this isle is far enough away from civilization to allow you to live off-the-grid for as long as you like, but it is close enough to its services so you can stock up on essential supplies, like Belikin Beer.

2 – Buck Island, British Virgin Islands

Want to buy a Caribbean island that is already set up with a sweet pad, along with famous neighbors that include Richard Branson and Google co-founder Larry Page?

If so, look into making an offer on Buck Island in the British Virgin Islands. Boasting crystal clear waters, plenty of untouched coral reefs lying just offshore, and a considerable amount of lush jungle that makes up the majority of this 43-acre gem, you will be surrounded by nature when you aren’t cocooning in your 1-acre estate.

With several segregated living spaces and a BBQ shack on the beach, this is a great retreat for friends and family as well.

3 – Pink Pearl Island, Nicaragua

If the seven-figure price tags in this list of the best private islands for sale in 2017 make the idea of owning your own tropical island seem like an impossibility, take heart, as there are still corners of the world that have not had their markets inflated in value by the global super-rich.

The isolated Caribbean coast of Nicaragua is one of those places, as its relative lack of services and the difficulty of accessing the region have discouraged large-scale foreign investment.

As such, jaw-dropping desert islands like Pink Pearl often go for less than $500,000 to buyers in the know. In this isle’s case, you’ll get 2.5 acres of swaying palm trees, flawless white sand, and a functioning tourism business that can provide you with a home in the tropics AND income. Count us in.

4 – Bass Island, Ontario, Canada

Looking for an island refuge in a more temperate part of the world? The solace provided by Bass Island in Ontario, Canada might just be what you are looking for.

Situated in the highly desirable Muskoka region just north of Toronto, this heavily-forested island will allow you to immerse yourself in nature throughout the duration of your visit.

When you aren’t casting a line in pursuit of rainbow trout or inhaling lungfuls of pine-infused air on a hike, the 8,500 square foot ‘cottage’ that sits on Bass Island’s shore will fill the rest of your time with relaxing sessions in the Finnish sauna, or laps in its indoor swimming pool.

Though it costs just shy of $8 million USD, this mansion in the wilds of Canada is definitely one of the best private islands for sale in 2017.

Photo by CC user cmichel67 on Flickr

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