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A Peak at the Top Five Bars in California

Appreciating that making a list of the five top bars in California is an objective adventure, there are a quintet of establishments that keep coming up on the lists of “those in the know.” Of course, the only way to really know if you concur with the assessment of others as to what are the best bars in California is to pay a call on these fine establishments yourself.

1833 Monterey

1833 makes its home in Monterey in a historic landmark that has graced the community for well over a hundred years. The establishment’s moniker gives you a good idea as to how long the building itself has been standing.

1833 presents an astounding high-end selection of the best booze and a delectable menu of delicious food. The venue itself consists of seven individual rooms, including a comfortable library lounge. In addition, there is the Governor’s Room, a name given to the space because it really did used to be the home to the state’s chief executive many years ago.

1833 has become something of a specialty destination for absinthe. The establishment features 15 absinthe options, each of which can be served in classic style of in the Russian pyro manner. The Russian derivation is prepared tableside and does involve fire.

Aero Club San Diego

The doors to Aero Club opened over 70 years ago, founded by a pilot. An iconic, neon, plane-shaped sign beckons folks to come inside for an enjoyable time.

Aero Club is included on many people’s lists of the top five bars in California. The venue is something of a well-organized dive bar. It features comfortable booths, dim lighting, and vintage memorabilia on the walls.

Aero Club features over 800 different whiskeys. Moreover, you can get a Manhattan with Markers Mark for only $6.50, and that is the regular and not Happy Hour price.

The Black Horse London Pub San Francisco

One of the unique things about The Black Horse London Pub is its size, its very small size. The Black Horse London Pub measures a tiny 19 feet by 7 feet. The fire code certificate on the wall states the pub can seat no more than 22 people. In fact, its had to imagine that many people being able to fit into the establishment.

Despite, or perhaps because of, its side. The Black Horse London Pub is considered one of the best joints in the state. All beer is bottled, with nothing on keg. The brew is kept iced in a porcelain, claw-footed tub. The beer selection is based entirely on what the pub’s owner happens to pick up at the market.

Good Times at Davey Wayne’s, Los Angeles

Located in LA, Good Times at Davey Wayne’s hearkens back to the 1970s. The establishment features a look and feel that takes a patron back to simpler times. Despite its 1970s vibe, Good Times at Davey Wayne’s has some unique features that make it highly unique. For example, a patron enters the bar by walking through a refrigerator. Good Times at Davey Wayne’s is highly popular, a favorite for Los Angelinos and visitors to the city. It is a venue that is sought out by people from all walks of life. It is on the “best bar list” for a considerable number of people.

The Pub at Golden Road, Los Angeles

Also located in Los Angeles, The Pub at Golden Road routinely makes lists maintained by many people as being one of the best bars in California. One of the reasons that The Pub at Golden Road is in this category for many people is its amazing outdoor patio. Indeed, it’s hard to find a more attractive, compelling pub patio in the City of Angels. Another reason why The Pub at Golden Road is considered one of the best drinking establishments in the state is because of its location next to a beloved craft brewery. The Pub at Golden Road hosts monthly bluegrass jams as well as weekly comedy shows. It also has a solid selection of eats, including fantastic bacon chili cheeseburgers.

And One More for the Road:

Jumbo’s Clown Room, Los Angeles

Yes, the headline proclaims the five top bars in California. One more is thrown in for good measure. There is nothing quite like Jumbo’s Clown Room. Located in LA, Jumbo’s Clown Room was once a strip club, and a notorious one to boot. The dive bar no longer features strippers and has become renowned for strong pours and a completely laid back vibe. Jumbo’s Clown Room is considered one of the truly beloved dive bars in LA.




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